Diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of blindness in the world. If you or a loved one has diabetes, it is so important to have a yearly comprehensive eye exam. Call us today for your appointment!

Always ensure to wear the sunglasses to protect your delicate eyes against blazing sun this summer!

Are you ready to enjoy life without the hassle of glasses or contacts? Take the first step by calling Eye Care Center today at 01 747078/9 for your LASIK evaluation!

The one and ONLY  iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio System in Lebanon from Abbott Medical Optics allows your physician to customize the procedure just for you, making possibilities realities. Start seeing life to the MAX!


Tour ECC and Enjoy the Latest in Ophthalmic Diagnostic and Treatment Equipment.

Multifocal IOLs are now used in up to 40% of cataract surgery in Europe and the US.  Dr. Pierre Mardelli was the first surgeon to have used it in Lebanon and the Middle East back in 2004. Come benefit from our years of experience and let us show you the difference.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) and around the eyelids for a short period of time (temporary). At ECC we aim for a more "natural look".

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness.  ECC acquired the latest Visual Field Analyzer from Haag Streit and OCT from Optovue. Both are vital for earlier diagnosis and follow-up of this blinding disease.

The newest generation excimer laser from AMO: The VISX S4 with the iDesign Advanced Wavescan Studio (TM). This is the first system of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. Go ahead and call us for more info.

Custom LASIK with the iDesign Wavescan Studio System combines two exciting technologies to reshape the cornea to reduce or eliminate visual distortions. This technology has the potential to improve how much and how well you can see as well as reduce the risks of post-LASIK complications.

LASIKis a refractive surgical procedure that corrects your vision, thus lessening your dependence on any corrective devices such as contact lenses or eyeglasses. At ECC we strive to offer you the latest technology such as Custom LASIK using the iDesign Wavescan.

With the new aquisition of the latest generation excimer laser, ECC is setting the bar ever higher. We strive to provide our patients with the best customer-care experience and quality of vision available today.

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27 Aug, 2020
19 Mar, 2015

In keeping with our commitment to put the latest technology within your reach, Eye Care Center is proud to announce that Dr. Mardelli is one of the first ophthalmologists in Lebanon to operate on the VERION Image Guided System™. The system helps with patient imaging, procedure planning and surgical guidance.

With the VERION Image Guided System™, surgeons can now consistently deliver a new era of refractive cataract precision. The VERION™ Reference unit creates a high-resolution digital image of the patient’s eye, capturing scleral vessels, limbus and iris features. This “fingerprint” of the eye is used throughout the procedure, allowing the surgeon to position all incision and alignment in real time according to the patient’s customized surgical plan.

The VERION Image Guided System Can help:

  • Minimize data transcription errors
  • Improve clinical efficiency
  • Increase toric and multifocal IOL confidence
  • Ensure surgical consistency
  • Optimize visual outcomes


The Image, Plan, Guide Workflow:


Measurements taken by the VERION Reference Unit include:

  • Dynamic keratometry
  • Limbus position and diameter
  • White-to-white horizontal distance
  • Pupillometry
  • Corneal reflex position
  • Eccentricity of the visual axis


Patient measurement data is automatically imported into the planning software. This streamlined prepopulating of data fields helps optimize planning efficiency and minimize transcription errors.


During the procedure, the VERION Image Guided System positions all incision locations and assists with lens alignment in real time while accounting for the variable impact of patient eye movement.

Four Years Already!
04 Jan, 2012

Time flies!  Four years ago, ECC acquired the newest excimer laser by VISX. 

Our results have been superb and patients have been very pleased expercially with the advanced CustomVue software for the customized PRK and LASIK. 

We have a lot to tell you about...

07 Jan, 2013


At ECC You, our patients, are the center of attraction.  

Suzan, Zeina and Zeinab will do their utmost to help you get all your concerns addressed during your visit to our center

At the Reception you are greeted by Suzan, our Center Admnistrator.

Our Spacious Waiting Room is Quite Comfortable.

There You will Enjoy the Latest Magazines and Sonos Music System (and throughout the Center!).

The Eye Care Center Optical Shop is now open! A wide selection of designer frames is available and any brand can also be requested on demand. High tech glass lenses can also be ordered to be delivered on either the same or the next day. All contact lenses are also readily available.  

Our TV Runs Eco Friendly Programs around the Clock


Our Small Eye Museum Can be Fun for Some. Few Items Date Back to the 1800s


You will Be Escorted To the Optometry Area.


Our Optometrist Zeina Will Start Your Eye Exam.

She Will Obtain Your Medical History, Perform Refraction and Dilate Your Puplis

You will Be then Led to Be Examined by Our Physician Dr. Pierre Mardelli.

Our Exam Rooms are Equiped with the State-of-the-Art Ophthalmic Equipment for a thorough Eye Exam.


Our Center is Equipped with 2 Exam Lanes To Avoid Long Waiting Times.

An Argon Laser by Alcon is Attached to thie Slit-Lamp for Direct Photocoagulation if Required.


If Further Testing is Needed, ECC boasts to Cover all the Tests Needed For A Complete And Comprehensive Eye Testing

The Advanced Haag Streit Perimeter is Used for Both Neurological and Glaucoma Contitions.

The Latest Spectral Domain OCT by Optovue for Both Retina and Glaucoma Testing.

The Nidek Yag Laser Helps with Many Anterior Segment Pahologies.

If Refracive Procedures are Anticipated or Corneal Pathologies Suspected Then the Advanced Topographer by Sirius Will Provide all the Information Needed.

The first and only iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio System in Lebanon by Abbott is also at Hand Should Custom Laser Treatment be Needed


The Surgery Center has an Independent Separate Entrance and Waiting Room.

The Excimer Laser Room has a Large Bay-Window for Viewing by Patient's Family Members and Friends

This is the Latest Visx S4 with Iris Registration and Customvue.


If Patients are scheuled for Intra or extra-ocular Surgeries, Botos or Fillers Then They Are Admited to the Operating Room through the Changing Room. Any Valuables Are Stored in the Lockers.

Our Recovery is Just What is Needed to Get the Job Done.  Comfortable Chairs, Specially Designed by Brumahba for ECC, are Available.

The Operating Room



Our OR is Equipped with the Latest State-Of-The-Art equipments for Intraocular and Extraocular Surgeries, including the Indirect Argon Laser.



The Surgical Chair Genius is also made by Brumaba.

Patients Lay Down Comfortably During Short or Long Surgeries.


We Had the Pleasure of Showing You Our Center During This Brief Tour. 

We Hope You Drop By For A Visit.






14 Jan, 0000

In January 2012, ECC acquired the newest excimer laser from VISX: The latest S4 with Iris Registration and the iDesign wavescan.  The first cases were performed in early January and patients obtained great results.

Since then many LASIKs were performed.  Following are some pictures of the LASIK operation:

Dr. Naurass Idriss undergoing LASIK at ECC

Dr. Mardelli and Eng. Pierre Abi Aad from Amico tuning up the laser

Dr. Mardelli instructing Dr. Idriss on the LASIK procedure

During the LASIK procedure.

The Laser in action.

 Patient's family watching the procedure across the bay window

End of the procedure.  Around 10 minutes in total.

 Dr. Mardelli explaining to Dr. Idriss the post operative instructions



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